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Enter School Ready to Succeed

Children learn best in loving, nurturing relationships and through everyday experiences. These essential connections hard-wire the brain for future learning, especially in the early years. Whether children are at home, with relatives or friends, or in childcare, the quality of early experiences is key to later school success.  United Ways are leading initiatives to improve the quality of childcare, family support, early intervention and public awareness activities to equip parents to make the best choices for their families.

Many United Ways are addressing school readiness – including funding agencies that serve children and families, convening communities around early learning, leading Success By 6 initiatives, or taking part in comprehensive improvement efforts. And they are leveraging significant school readiness resources.

Born Learning, United Way’s national engagement campaign, helps parents, caregivers and communities support early childhood education.  Public service advertising, a resource-rich web site and educational material (all in English and Spanish) offer fun, concrete ideas to help young children learn.

Case Study: Some 60% of the low-income children in Chattanooga, Tennessee were entering school without critical skills. In response, United Way of Greater Chattanooga created a public awareness campaign, a parent help line and a one-stop resource center, and engaged 50 community partners to provide information and hands-on help in poor neighborhoods. Parents lacked literacy skills to read to their children, so the partners created 23 mini-libraries and a mobile Reading Van. Seven years later, 30% more at-risk children are developmentally on track – and coming to school ready to succeed.