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Savings and Assets

One in four households with children are asset poor and one in six lives in extreme asset poverty, according to the Center for Enterprise Development (CFED)

Savings and assets can help low-income working families avoid financial crises caused by emergencies or unexpected changes in income, while also helping them realize long-term goals including homeownership, a college education, and retirement.

Providing low-income working families with targeted financial education, appropriate financial products, and easy, low-cost opportunities to save, combined with strategies to reduce their debt and expense, will help them to build a financial foundation that lends itself to savings and asset accumulation.

Our Strategies:

  • Improve products and systems that enable low-income working families to save
  • Raise awareness and promote the use of low-cost financial products and services to increase savings
  • Make saving easy and automatic
  • Increase low-income working families’ use of long-term investment opportunities


A Local Example of Impact

United Way of Salt Lake found that too many Utahans were “living on the edge” regarding their personal finances. Utah’s bankruptcy rate was twice the national average, and roughly 40 percent of Utahans said they were living paycheck to paycheck. To meet the needs of Utahans and help residents realize that everyone can save, United Way of Salt Lake launched a robust statewide savings program, in conjunction with America Saves, called Utah Saves. Savers pledge to save a certain amount of money each month.  There is follow-up with Savers three months after their enrollment to provide support and guidance, if necessary. Today, Utah Saves is one of the largest and fastest growing Saves campaigns in the country with a total of 13,296 Utah Savers and a combined savings goal of $1,508,650.